Marco Sirica aka Nemo is one of the new talented artists who recently have appeared in the Italian psytrance scene. Even if he got his first exposure to the psytrance world more than 10 years ago, at that time his main interest was proper Trance music and started Djing those sounds at few local parties at the beginning of the 2000s. He has also actively contributed to the local trance scene by organizing specials events with national and international acts and he slowly has switched his tastes to a more progressive sound.   Finally in 2014, he has decided to totally abandon Trance and to push his talent on the production of progressive Trance music. Nemo has a unique vision of psychedelic music, with the classic progressive beat but with a very strong influence from the pure psychedelia. After several release with Profound Records and Magma Records, Nemo is joining Blacklite Records, to give some extra proggy flavor to the Label and to start exporting his peculiar sound to the whole world.

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