Ninesense_LIVE ACT


Ninesense is the new Psytrance project by Nuno Cabral, born in the USA and raised in the Azores Islands, Portugal. He started developing an early taste for psychedelic music by chance, and he soon realized how powerful and catching it can be. The passion as listener turned into several years of focus and dedication, and eventually into an intensive knowledge about Mixing and Producing techniques. Nuno's first project, Manipulation, fascinated many Labels on the scene, which included his innovative and energetic productions in their official releases. Among them, Manipulation best fostered a stable collaboration with Kinematic Records and Zero 1 Music. In 2015, Nuno has given birth to his new psytrance project, Ninesense, and in 2016 he has joined the Blacklite Records' crew. With us, he will release his first full Album in February 2016 and we just can't wait to share it with you! His music is always intended to lead the listener in a full sensorial journey - 5 senses is not enough - ranging from groovy morning psytrance to fast night time sounds.  You may have heard his sound in many countries in the world, such as USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Canada and we suggest you not to miss him performing in Europe in summer 2016.

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