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Barkode is an new music project conceived by Nukleall (head of Blacklite Rec.) in which tracks are created with a specific message aligned with Barkode's mission. Barkode is the first progressive trance project socially and politically conscious that aims at creating awareness about the need for a peaceful rebellion and a change of lifestyle. Barkode fights an economic system that, symbolically, marks every human beings with the sole objective of earning money and exploiting our lives. Barkode releases its message by entrancing the minds of the dancers with a unique blend of fat, noisy, and pumping psy-prog. Fat bass beats hit dancers' ears and stomachs connecting the music to their bodies, pierced by hypersonic frequencies, while soft and atmospheric sounds awaken their souls. His first EP, called "Don't Make it Happen" , has been released on Blacklite Records in 2012 and it describes the principles behind the project using those progressive sharp sounds and futuristic atmospheres. After a long meditation break, now Barkode is ready to come back, shocking you with an amazing release scheduled in 2015! Check out his music and stay conscious!

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