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GOOD FELLAS is an italian project born in 2014 by Enrico Roncato aka Mr. Trip, in psytrance scene since 12 years and Tommaso Pellegrini, musician and composer from various musical experiences. In 2014 they produced their first EP under Artrance Records and 3 on “Magma Records” in the following years, as well as some tracks with Dust and Vibe Tribe. After this, in 2016, they started an important collaboration with Vibe Tribe and Bizzare Contact’s label “Mainstage Records” . Their energy and passion had immediately become well known all over Europe: they played in principal parties and festivals in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Spain and Italy of course.

GOOD FELLAS music is a fusion of sounds coming from the progressive trance, evolved into a powerful mix of fullon and underground frequencies, with groovy bassline and acid synths sounds.

From december 2017, the duo become part of Blacklite Records Family.

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