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Purple Raver is the Psy Trance project of Lucio Munari, italian musician & sound engineer based in Turin, Italy. Starting his passion for music in childhood, he has played Classical music for many years and has finally taken a degree in Transverse Flute. The love for electronic music started with rave parties in the late nineties. In 2001 he took his firsts drum machines, samplers and sequencers to compose his own electronic stuff. After discovering the psy trance culture, in 2005 he started joining the Looney Moon records & party organization and he started to djing around. In 2007 he switched into Blacklite Studio,a professional team of artists & sound engineers, giving life to his project with a new environment. In 2010 the studio concept evolved into a psytrance label, and in straight cooperation with his friend and artist Nukleal,l he founded Blacklite records. After 5 years of hard work the label is now well estabilished & recognized in the psytrance community. Purple Raver has released two solo Ep and various compilations with Blacklite, and had also collaborations with Mosaico Rec(BR), Sadhu Rec. (IL). His new Ep is planned for the spring 2015 and it will features collaborators in the like of Tuk,Middle Mode, Liftshift, Barkode. In ten years of live activity he has now played all over Italy but also in Germany, Austria, France, UK, Croatia, Greece, Portugal Poland, Spain and India. His Morning Psytrance music find its own

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