Shapeshift EP


All aspects of reality are characterized by harmonic oscillations between two constructs, like a circle that has no start and no end. We can choose either to walk forever on a circular path or to leave it and walk on a spiral. We can elevate and mold our reality through a mindful act of free will. And what drives us, that primordial effort to make the hard step, is what we can call Unconditional Love. With his debut Ep "Shapeshift" - the first act of a concept-trilogy, the brand new blackliter Sheenygami sets the guidelines for you to become the dancing shape-shifter in this immense ocean of vibrations. From dreamy journeys to aggressive night-time madness, this mesmerizing production blends together high-drive basslines, rich and captivating melodies, talking synths and epic spatial atmospheres. An energetic fullon trip at constant 145bpm that perfectly suits an intimate listen and that will certainly get the dancefloor rocking.

Release infos

Catalogue Number: BLKLEP030
Release date: 21/09/2016

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Shapeshift - Sheenygami