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Bruce Abrahamse was born and bred in Cape Town. Starting with experimenting with ambient and trance he became one of the most consistently active DJ's in South Africa for the last 23 years. He has gained the utmost respect from dance floors and organizers with his humble approach to music and life. Playing everywhere from small free beach and forest parties to the largest festivals South Africa has to offer, he also was resident DJ at the legendary Club Getafix for almost 10 years and had many overseas experience. In general his usual DJ sets tend to be more high energy but he does find that there are times where a dip into the deeper stuff is called for, before skyrocketing into hyperspace again. As a DJ Bruce is responsible for finding quality music and play it to an appreciative audience no matter if it’s live psy act, free form live project or progressive psy. DJ Bruce is is energetic and represent the full spectrum, prefers to play spontaneously, feeling the crowd, and trying to capture that one moment that cannot be repeated or planned.

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