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In the heart of Melbourne, where the city's pulse merges with the rhythmic beat of nature, a soul named Simon discovered a path to the ethereal sphere of psytrance music. Within the luminous tapestry of his music, FowlOwl weaves an intricate blend of sound, transcending the boundaries of conventional genres. It's a journey that traverses the lush landscapes of psytrance, guided by the North Star of inspiration. FowlOwl's sonic palette is a 'funkadelic rollercoaster,' an enigmatic ride that sweeps you into uncharted dimensions of sound. When FowlOwl takes the stage, he orchestrates an ethereal journey where each note is creating in people's minds a vivid picture of emotion and ecstasy. It's a dance of energies, a symbiotic relationship between artist and audience, where the boundaries between the two blur into oblivion. Join FowlOwl and his cosmic musical adventure.

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