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Haffman, also known as Carlos Alarcon, emerged in the underground scene as a Dj in Mexico City back in 2002. In 2007, Haffman and his partner Israel Herrera aka Holon started a collaboration project called "InLakEch" to catch the attention of the audience with 100% originally produced psychedelic trance material. After many years of writing Psychedelic trance music for his project as InLakEch, Haffman also started to spend more time listening to Progressive trance and experimenting with plenty of other music styles. In 2012, he decided to combine these multiple styles and to give life to a new one, that he loves to refer as Serious Psychedelic Progressive Trance - a hybrid and innovative sound. His completely unique style induces a hypnotic feeling, along with a totally dancefloor explosion. His beats, synths and elegant percussion are perfect for morning hours and have bounced crowds at numerous festivals in many countries around the globe, including Croatia, Greece, Autria, Italy, France , Germany, Brazil, Japan and up and down México. Haffman has been surprising and exhilarating audiences around the world for the past couple of years, and his unique and irreverent sound made him one of the most appreciated psychedelic trance writers. After a long period of steady collaboration with Blacklite Records, we are finally glad to officially welcome him in the crew. He is going to be a key ambassador for the label in Mexico along with his fellows blackliters, and he will astonish you soon with some seriously progressive tunes.

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