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Hasmodai is the psytrance project started by Alfonso Salinas back in 2000. All began out of mere curiosity, since he was just 16 years old at that time and had no idea of music production. In a couple of years Alfonso met some guys of the local psytrance scene and started to collaborate as a DJ in a collective called "Cannabeat". Then, as the crew dissolved, he was invited to collaborate with Mictlan crew, another collective started by Haffman. Within this period of time, Hasmodai played at some big and small festivals around Mexico sharing stage with some huge names. In 2007 he decided to move to Spain in order to improve his production skills and got an Audio Engineering degree at SAE Madrid. During that period of time, he focused in school and learning, putting the Hasmodai project in stand by. In 2011 he came back to Mexico City and, thanks to his superb Studio competences, got a major Job in SAE México, which was the first Latin American SAE Institute. In parallel, he started producing again, renewing his sound and researching futuristic solutions for the Hasmodai project. In 2014 Alfonso started another psytrance project (Holophonic) with his old time friend, Visua and finally started to release music as Hasmodai, too. His first collaboration EP with F-Zero has been released that year with a Brazilian label called Freakuency records. He is now joining the Blacklite family and he will be releasing some quality fresh music with us very soon. Stay tuned!

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