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Jhesha, hailing from Mexico, is a superstar, a force to be reckoned with. In the grandest of festival stages and the most intimate of club settings, Jhesha's sets are a testament to her ability to harness the energy of the moment. With an uncanny knack for reading the crowd, she craves euphoria and transports her audience with energy and spirit . Her performances are experiences and journeys. Jhesha's musical virtue can be described as a fusion of Psytrance and Forest elements, infused with a magical mystique touch, a perfect match with his label and international crew: Blacklite Records. Her sonic creations are a hypnotic tapestry of enigmatic psychedelic emotions, seamlessly woven together with cutting-edge frequencies and thunderous basslines. Join Jhesha at parties and festivals, she will transform your moments into memories and your dancefloors into temples.

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