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LabRat, hailing from Denmark, is a rising star in the world of psytrance music. With a vibrant energy and a passion for experimentation, LabRat brings a unique blend of sounds to the Psychedelic Trance scene. His journey began at a young age, where he found solace and inspiration in the world of music. Drawing from a diverse range of influences, LabRat crafted his signature sound by fusing elements of psytrance with his own innovative twists. Joining forces with Blacklite Records has provided LabRat with a platform to further showcase his creativity and share his music with a worldwide audience. Wherever he's performing, LabRat's infectious energy and passion for music shine through, driving the crowd to crazy euphoric heights. As LabRat's artistic journey unfolds, it teems with innovation, exploration and boundless potential. With his steadfast commitment to his craft and his limitless creativity, LabRat stands poised to leave an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape. In the symphony of life, his story is a crescendo, building towards a future filled with promise and possibility. So don't change that dial! Exciting collaborations between LabRat and Blacklite Records are on the horizon.

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