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Dj Roma (aka MENTAL BROADCAST ) has his psychedelic life started 2002 in London at some "acid techno" squat parties. Very quickly he became known by the crowd for his powerful sets and proper mixing skills and in 2006 he was invited to join the legendary Alchemy Records, challenging him to highlight his ongoing musical journey. This continuous contact with trance scene rise up the need to step further and start his music production. So, in 2006 he launches a new project, now known worldwide as Mental Broadcast, one of the top names in Brazilian psytrance. Mental Broadcast reveals with talent a sound of unique personality, focused on the search for the unexpected, bringing a new design for his tracks. In 2008 he released his first EP "Transmission" and then immediately released several tracks for various record labels in South America and Europe, In April/2011, he released his album "Signals", enshrining it in the global trance scene. In 2016 he released his second album "Decoded" and Roma now is finishing his third one.. Played in several festivals around the world, such as Exxxperience 10 Years, Universo Paralello, Boom Festival , Vuuv , The Experience, Half Moon and Black Moon In Thailand, Rainbow Serpent and Maytreia Festival in Australia, Vortex Festival in South Africa.

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