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Paratech is the solo project of Bill Mavroidis, from Greece. The project has been acting and growing since 2003, when Bill began exploring more deeply the music production process, until he found the style he mostly likes to produce.
Paratech has always been proactive and collaborative in the international psytrance scene, giving his artistic contribution to different compilation released on the best known recording labels all over the world such as Blacklite Records, Sangoma and more.
He has already joined some of the highest quality psytrance festival around Europe, among which Aurora Festival, Halkidiki Dance Festival, Sadhana Open Air, Harmonic Vision NYE 2016, Ozora 2016, Own Spirit 2017, Summer Never Ends 2017,Human Evolution 2017, Exit 2017 and many more.
After long nights passed in the production studio, Paratech has built up a proper individual style, producing a unique psytrance/fullon sound. He has already released three personal EPs under Blacklite Records till today ( Layers Of Life EP, Sky Lines EP, Electromagnetic EP ) and he has just expanded his discography publishing with us with his new upcoming single EP “Crazy Circuits” that will be released soon.

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