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Tania Radillo a.k.a Pollyfonika started attending to major international psytrance festivals and parties in Mexico in 2004. She developed her taste for this music and after a few months, she started DJing on her own and at parties all around the country.

Now, after 11 years of her debut in Mexico and at her young age, she has played in some of the best dancefloors in France, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, England, Lithuania, Spain, Denmark, Holland, Portugal, Canada, Argentina, Peru, USA, El Salvador and Guatemala, sharing stage with the biggest names of the trance scene in great festivals such as Voov Experience, Eclipse Festival, Ometeotl, Ritual Festival and many others.

Producing wise, she has made some collaborations with Tron, Module Virus, Breathead, Aciduss and she is currently working on her solo psytrance project. Her own style can be recognized by the melodic touches she always add on her daytime tracks, very different from what she actually plays on her DJ sets.

Pollyfonika, is one of the most known and recognized Mexican DJs in the global psytrance scene and the most popular psytrance DJ in México. Her serious music style, tight mixing technique and charming presence on stage, will make you love her. Her music selection style is a combination of pure psychedelic full on, with some forest hints, making her sets perfect for the night time.

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