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Pollyfonika emerged onto the global psytrance stage with a youthful vigor and an insatiable love for psytrance music. With the heart of an explorer and the soul of a true music enthusiast, Pollyfonika quickly punches the Mexican borders. Her music became her passport to parties and festivals around the world, where she stood shoulder to shoulder with all the titans of the psytrance scene. Onstage, her presence is nothing short of enchanting, drawing audiences into a pure dancefloors' madness . In the hands of Pollyfonika, the dancefloors become a dynamic canvas of sounds and movements. Her music selection is a fusion of pure, unadulterated psychedelic full-on, combined with subtle hints of the mystical forest music, all blending into a magic sauce from Blacklite Records Headquarter. In the world of psytrance, Pollyfonika is a shining star, waiting to see you on the dancefloors.

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