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Sheenygami is a full on psytrance project born in north-eastern Italy in 2014. His experience as a multifaceted musician (guitarist, drummer and singer) and his higher education on electronics played a key role in his extremely fast growth in psychedelic music production. Sheenygami's first contact with electronic music happened when he discovered psytrance at age 24, taking part in Ozora Festival 2012, and he instantly fell in love with the music and the spirit. He soon began to test his composition skills using his rock and metal background and his passion for soundtracks as main source of inspiration. Later, he easily learned DJing and started to perform at some parties in the north east of Italy, defining his genre and playing his own tracks among those of highly energetic fullon acts hailing from labels such as Blacklite, Catalyst and Grasshopper. After moving to Turin and getting in touch with the scene, Sheenygami was promptly discovered by Nukleall and spent a lot of time at Blacklite Studios refining his tracks until ready to release his work.

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