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Sun69 is a psytrance solo project burst onto the scene from the heart of Tokyo, bringing a wave of electronic energy that would soon become a sonic force to be reckoned with. He has graced countless clubs and festivals across Japan, leaving a trail of electrified dancefloors in his wake. Sun69 found his spiritual home with Blacklite Records and with unwavering focus, he has carved his own unique niche, defining his style as "aggressive Trance." Sun69's music is a catalyst for movement and inspiration, a sonic elixir that compels dancefloor enthusiasts to lose themselves in the music, casting aside all inhibitions and igniting the wildest of dances. As an established figure in the Japanese psytrance scene, Sun69's star continues to ascend, with each day marking a new milestone in his international journey. As he continues to create and innovate, one thing is clear - the world of electronic music is forever transformed by the presence of Sun69, and the dancefloor is where his magic truly comes alive.

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