Blackliters Radio #010

24 March 2020
Blackliters Radio #010 - Neuromotor

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Blacklite Records present the 10th edition of the Blacklite Radio Channel featuring our newest recruit and a veteran dancefloor blaster from back in the days, presenting Fred aka NEUROMOTOR. Born in the punk rock era, the discography of the motor dates more than 20 years ago. Considered to be one of the most crafted DJ’s during his times on roost, the motor is back in a completely new avatar taking off from where he left off during his time off to focus on other things. We at @BlackliteRecords are ecstatic to present his selection for the 10th Edition of the Radio Channel which features some of his fav tunes from Blacklite Records and other labels along with some of his tunes released on the label with a few unreleased gems as well. Get to #DanceWithTheMotor

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Offlabel - The space and I

20 March 2020
Offlabel - The Space and I

Blacklite Records proudly presents "The space and I", the new EP crafted from the our Universe by our italian Blaster "Offlabel"

“The Space and I” is a musical adventure featuring Offllabel’s journey through the “Blackilte Records” galaxy. This EP is the result of a life lived in synchronicity with the surrounding Universe, pushed forward by appreciating all the beauty around us. These tracks will take the listener on a path to his own destiny and to find his own self. Offlabel’s music will show you the world through a strong and powerful psychedelic experience. Be ready to live your life flowing in space.

Be ready to live your life flowing in space.

Neuromotor - Bionic Beast

27 February 2020
Neuromotor Bionic Beast

Neuromotor’s BIONIC BEAST comprises of an organic flow tune to tune and is all about unleashing the beast in you and all you got to do is get set to #DanceWithTheMotor.!

Bionic Beast is the debut EP of a legend and our newly signed Blacklliter, Neuromotor. The EP features 3 tracks of which one happens to also be the title and a direct representation of what the Motor is at this point. The second is a collaboration with Gaspard titled Archaic Anarchy which is also debut of sorts to actually produce this masterpiece of a tune together. The third one is Neuromotor’s remix of The Skeptozoid’s who is the duo of Gaspard & Sensitrope titled Bloody Mary and yes, this ones stirred to perfection with his funky twist.

Set yourself to #DanceWithTheMotor.

Blackliters Radio #009

25 February 2020
Blackliters Radio #009 - Offlabel

Next on #Blackliters Radio: Offlabel.

This episode is a mental and psychostimulant sound interpreted, selected and mixed By Tony Vallini aka OffLabel. Acid synths and strong BPMs increase. OffLabel is a Psytrance project by Tony Vallini, born and grew up in Italy. He started as a Techno DJ and producer always taking care of keeping his own style. After the Techno Experience he moved into the psytrance world already as an expert artist and party organizer. His music is characterized by an underground and an evocative cut, with melodies, chants and tribal contamination. Since he joined Blacklite Records there has been a radical change of his style. More psychedelic sounds, deeper basslines, acid synths and of course a strong BPMs increase, in agreement with the new trend of the label. On stage OffLabel provides a very involving show with a powerful music vibration.

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Mental Broadcast - Android Dreams

20 February 2020
Mental Broadcast - Android Dreams

Blacklite Records proudly presents the new full length album signed by Mental Broadcast: Android Dreams!

Mental Broadcast is now an established and well known name on the global psytrance circuit since the beginning of his psychedelic discovery in 2002. His music is full of humanoids' musical adventures, featuring 9 brand new tracks, including a remix of Headroom's 'Get Cape Down' and 2 collaborations with fellow universe travellers such as Eclipse Echoes and Technology.

Get drawn into the world of cyber landscapes, meet gyrating digital beings dancing in the neon pulse of a droidlock moon.