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Spatial Plants - Mendeleev Lab

25 March 2021
Spatial Plants - Mendeleev Lab - Cover

The second official EP of Spatial Plants, Mendeleev Lab is finally OUT NOW.

Since the beginning of time, creators have walked side by side with each other. This eclecticism ultimately expanded the boundaries of human understanding and perception. Observing the past there are plenty of similarities in the scientific process and creativity. Everyone has their own personal laboratory, now you can look into Spatial Plants' Mendeleev Lab. Let's start experiments with Euphorya, and continue with Critical Selection, bringing the aggregate state of your sixth sense to a red-hot plumbum. This release is a part of the new Spatial Plants mythology on Blacklite Records. Molekula dukha will be the final entry point into it.

Have a nice trip and grab your copy!

10 years Anniversary Vol°3

11 March 2021
Blacklite Records 10 Years Anniversary VOL 3 - Cover

Blacklite Records 10 Years Anniversary Vol 3 is OUT NOW.

Blacklite Records is back with the 10 Years Anniversary Series with a Vol° 3, where we continue to celebrate not only the label turning 10 years but that we have passed 2020, admittedly the hardest year for the music and all the artists lately. Traveling between deep energies and nighttime psychedelia, this 20 tracks collection has been carefully selected for you as the perfect blend of our sound. Nukleall Virtual Light SUN69 Earthspace Paratech Stereoxide Mental Broadcast Offlabel Ingrained Instincts Ital BAO Music Helber Gun M-THEORY Zyce

Thank you for supporting us each day!

Noise Engineering is now available

26 February 2021
Noise Engineering - Merchandise

Noise Engineering NEW Merchandise is now available.

The new Endeavour EP is still uncompromising deep blasting psychedelic trance, Fleshed out with futuristic sounds and electrifying tones Did you grab your copy? here is our Merchandising box.

Get into the Noise Engineering world, It's brilliant stuff and sexy

Blackliters Radio #021 Bernz

23 February 2021
Blackliters Radio #021 "Bernz" [Psychedelic Trance Radio]

Blackliters Radio #021 is up now on our channels.

Blacklite Radio #021 is up now on our channels including a groovy psychedelic trance mix from Bernz

Check out the last mix from our South African master Dj: Hands Up for dj Bernz!

M-Theory - Psyfloors

18 February 2021
M-Theory - Psyfloors

Breath of Soul, The second official EP of Offlabel is OUT NOW.

On this EP Offlabel takes us to a beautiful journey inspired by probably one of the most diverse years we recently had, the isolation of 2020. Breath Of Soul wishes to cast light upon the importance of cherishing any experience you go through in life, distinguishing the truth from the artefact, towards your interior development.

Feel free to interpret his journey and let your emotions take over!