Nukleall & Ingrained instincts - Sophia

05 June 2020
Nukleall & Ingrained instincts - Sophia

Blacklite Records presents Nukleall and Ingrained Instincts’s most awaited single: “#Sophia”

Hello Blackliters, this is a powerful underground sound gem. Pure uplifting psychedelia inspired by psytrance dancefloor tribe leader Sophia , aka Dj Svess / Askian, who has the spirit of the sun, feet stomping on the ground and a soulful vibe. Just like Sophia, this is a tune which guides us towards the sky and above and lets us be connected with the surrounding universe via Nukleall's enlightening psychedelic beats united with sounds designed by masters of madness engineering, Ingrained Instincts. Turn on, tune in, drop out!

Get your copy now! #SOPHIA

Blackliters Radio #012

26 May 2020
Blackliters Radio #012 - Spatial Plants

Who's ready for the next episode of Blacklite Radio? Now on air on our channels: Spatial Plants.

We are proudly presenting our new members of the family: “Spatial Plants”. Their Music is a combination of maximum energy, hypnotic basslines and psychedelic atmosphere. Their sets are pure dancefloor vibration and you can find a lot of new groovy psychedelic music by these Russian guys in this new episode #012. Blast it loud!

Subscibe to our channels and Listen to Spatial Plants killer set

Helber Gun - Vector Vortex

13 May 2020
Helber Gun - Vortex Vector

Blacklite Records proudly presents "Let’s get down to business! Here we are to announce the new Ep of Helber Gun "Vector Vortex"

Dripping with psychedelia and velocity, this brand-new EP by Helber Gun takes us deeper into the vortex of multi-layered psy music. Featruing artists such as Ital, Mind & Matter and Spectra Sonics, unrestrained and irresistible, a collaboration of three tracks that are more psychedelic than ever, whirling around in your mind in circles.

Order your copy now and dance to the beat of Helber Gun’s unstoppable flow.

Blackliters Radio #011

28 April 2020
Blackliters Radio #011 - Pollyfonika

Blacklite Records presents the 11th Episode of our Blackliters Radio Channel. This time we have our queen: Pollyfonika.

DJ Pollyfonika, is one of the most known and recognized Mexican DJs in the global psytrance scene. Her serious music style, tight mixing technique and charming presence on stage, will make you love her. Her music selection style is a combination of pure psychedelic full on, with some forest hints, making her sets perfect for the night time.

Connect on the Blackliters Frequency and Listen to pollyfonika’s groovy & playful night set

New Artist BLK: Orysha

16 April 2020
Orysha - Blacklite Records

Today is the day and we increase our family with a new addition . Please Welcome Dj Orysha.

Orysha who started as a hardcore punk event promoter before he discovered Goa and Psystrance in 1995. Combining technique with fine selection, Dj Orysha's mixes are a perfect dosage of groovy basslines, mental and hypnotic leads, and organic sounds, always building his set in a sort of a surgical way. Focusing on night psy music, he also masters intelligent psy prog and psychedelic full-on styles for the daytime moments or the warm-ups.

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