Nukleall - The Nookies

06 February 2020
Nukleall - The Nookies

Here we are with The Nookies, the new special Blacklite family collaborative project E.P, conceived by Nukleall.

Nookie is the nickname of headhoncho Nukleall and together with Stereoxide, Bao and Endeavour, they gave birth to a brainchild from another planet, a creation came to life through their energetic tracks, guiding us into the multiverse of pulsating galaxies of sound. This EP is guaranteed to blast floors around the globe, to take listeners deep into the ecstatic trance dance experience, to satisfy even the most jaded psyhead into refreshed states of mind and body.

Enter the Temple of Repetition for a digital trip through space and time.

Blackliters Radio #008

31 January 2020
Blackliters Radio #008 - M-theory

Next on #Blackliters Radio! This month we want to show you our Italian/british artist, M-Theory.

At the start of this new decade we keep streaming rocking music from our #Blackliters team of talented producers. First up is M-THEORY’s blasting live set recorded at the recent Universo Paralello, Brazil’s massive new year’s festival. M-THEORY is no stranger to big festivals. His very first appearance at Universo Paralello was back in 2007, just over a year before the release of his first full studio album. Since then he has been steadily releasing solid Eps, singles and collaborations, and has performed repeatedly at many leading festivals around the world such as Boom, Ozora, Antaris, Fusion, The Experience, Indian Spirit, Shankra and Sonica. M-THEORY features a distinctive and fat kick and bass sound with tight rhythms and quirky loops delivering a unique psychedelic groove. Contemporary, powerful and rhythmic – intoxicating stuff!.

Listen and love one hour of psychedelic trance music

New Artist BLK: Neuromotor

25 December 2019
Neuromotor - Blacklite Records

Merry Christmas everyone!! Today we are honoured to announce Fred Talaa aka Neuromotor as our new artist at Blacklite Records.

One of the pioneers of the Global Psychedelic Dance Music scene with over 20 years of making people groove and move, a high energy force that has been consistent in making waves, Neuromotor has recently carved dance floor smashing sonic stories for some of the major psychedelic trance labels including Nano Records & Fractal Records. He has been constantly referred to as one of the best Live Performance acts in the trance dance arena with energy fueled appearances in over 5 continents and numerous countries ranging from and between Japan to Mexico and from Germany to Australia. His sets at Boom, Ozora and many other music festivals, gatherings and tours in countries including India & Mexico have been unforgettable and a massive shout out to everyone who has facilitated, supported, bought, played, danced and experienced Neuromotor for all these years! He’s just getting warmed up.

Please welcome Fred and dance with the motor :-)

Blackliters Radio #007

24 December 2019
Blackliters Radio #007 - Frostbite

Next on #Blackliters Radio! This month we let shine our Portuguese duo, Frostbite.

Frostbite bring you a balanced mixture of groovy basslines and wicked synths, combining both night- and daytime elements from their favourite tracks. They sound can usually be defined as versatile and dynamic and their music choice can range from the lighter side of the psychedelic spectrum to the more intense night time tunes. With two successful compilations previously released (“Travel Agency” and “Overview Effect”) Frostbite is now venturing into the world of production with their own original work, with their debut EP resulting in a #1 position on Beatport’s Psy-Trance charts. Their sets have blasted dancefloors all over Portugal and have spread out to Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, Hungary and India.

Listen and love one hour of psychedelic trance music

M-Theory - Temple Of Repetition

18 December 2019
M-Theory - Temple Of Repetition

“Temple of repetition”, a striking portrayal of the evolution of psytrance is out now on Blacklite Records.

3 exquisite collaborative tracks make this EP that kicks off with the groovy and aptly named 'Temple of Repetition', a collaboration with veteran producer Gabriel Le Mar. The track is initiated by a deeply meaningful quote before leading into an otherworldly journey with intriguing twists and turns and a magical old-school touch. This is followed by the colourful, fun and sun-drenched 'Legalize' featuring maestro Nukleall and, as a final hit, the night-time blaster 'Rave is Art' featuring the seriously psychedelic duo Steroxide! Enter the Temple of Repetition for a digital trip through space and time.

Enter the Temple of Repetition for a digital trip through space and time.