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New Artist BLK: Abstract Machine

23 December 2020
Abstract Machine

It gives us much pleasure to announce our new addition to our rooster: DJ Abstract Machine.

Gyovana is a brazilian DJane from state of Rio Grande do Sul who had contact with trance music at a young age. She was 15, in 2015, when she learned to mix her favorite tracks. As time went by, she acquired more skills, winning a loyal audience with her impeccable performances, always bringing a varied repertoire of artists that she admires and identifies with. Offering to listeners a transition between Full On Groove and Night in her sets, she has the goal to make everyone dance with body, mind and soul. Abstract Machine will make you surrender to the power of psychedelic trance!

Merry Christmas Blackliters!

Endeavour - Noise Engineering

09 December 2020
Endeavour - Noise Engineering - Cover design

Endeavour new EP Noise Engineering is OUT!!.

This is uncompromising deep blasting psychedelic trance! Fleshed out with futuristic sounds and electrifying tones, as well as 147 to 149 bpm noise sculpting and effects engineering. Masterfully designed for high-fidelity amplifiers, this ep has been produced with 3 sound specialists in the name of UkaUka, Render and Sense Datum. The combination is simply astonishing!

This is the new Endeavour EP: Noise Engineering! Blast it loud!

Blackliters Radio #018 Hisa

30 November 2020
Blackliters Radio #018 "HISA" [Psychedelic Trance Radio]

Blackliters Radio #018 is up now on our channels.

This is a special edition with DJ HISA from Japan, our new addition to the label. Hisa created this mix with a deep ritualistic mind, enjoyable flow till the end, and comfortable groovy tracks of choice.

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FBI (Fantabulous Blacklite Intelligence)

26 November 2020
FBI (Fantabulous Blacklite Intelligence) - Cover

Our new Compilation of Blacklite Records is OUT NOW... Are you ready for our Fantabulous Blacklite Intelligence! .

The psychedelic bureau of Fantabulous Blacklite Intelligence (FBI) has just reported that a notable group of psytrance dissidents are roaming freely in our cities spreading seriously good vibes. Armed with powerful bass lines and hypnotizing leads, these intrepid transgressors of sonic barriers and master sound manipulators are calling all party-goers to reunite under their pulsating beat. The FBI’s investigations have concluded that the gang’s kaleidoscopic 15-track compilation is the latest body of evidence confirming the power of psytrance. Unstoppable!.

Grab your copy and have a great time

New Artist BLK: Hisa

18 November 2020
Hisa - Blacklite Records

Today is the day and we increase our BLACKLITERS family with a new addition.

Please Welcome Hisayoshi Takeyama aka DJ HISA who started his career as psychedelic trance DJ and party organizer in 2005. Developed the Tokyo-based Open Air Party, “OVERDRIVE” also “Land Of Rising Sun” featuring domestic and international DJs. Playing in various parts of Japan, he adapts his sets and track selection according to the time he is playing, gluing the audience to the dancefloor. The essence of his DJ and party-making has the sole purpose of forming a world of dreams by transferring his emotions into waves of sounds and combining with the positive energy the dancefloor emanates.

Follow DJ HISA’s sound