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Stereoxide - Psychedelic FM Essentials

15 December 2021
Stereoxide - Psychedelic FM Essentials for Virus TI

New Presets Pack by Stereoxide -  "OUT NOW".

Our great talented Mexican Artist Stereoxide, delivers you unusual and crispy Psychedelic FM presets for the well-known hardware Access Virus TI, TI2, or Virus Snow Synthesizers. We arrived at our second release dedicated to this amazing Synthesizer. This Preset Pack features 127 top-quality FM patches, which have been used on Stereoxide’s Best tracks and well crafted for Psychedelic Trance Music. All sounds are easy to handle and they bring to your production a unique sound marked by Stereoxide. This pack has been made for Underground Psychedelic Trance but it is also great for Full-On, Progressive, Hitech and Uplifting Trance.

Enjoy all the 128 Access Virus Psytrance FM Essential Presets made by Stereoxide

Mergel - Thanatonauts

08 December 2021
Mergel - Thanatonauts - Cover

Mergel delivers his first EP on Blacklite Records - Thanatonauts  OUT NOW

Two massive tunes at a range of 148 bpm characterized by heavy baselines, dreamy cinematic touches, and sci-fi & futuristic cutting edge sound design - he is guiding you into the Non-trivial Psychedelic. We hope you will love these two new brilliant tunes from Mergel, relentlessly and cleverly produced. This is not just an EP but a profound experience made of insightful visions!

Please enjoy Mergel's new EP: Thanatonauts!

Blackliters Radio #030 Spatial Plants

30 November 2021
Blackliters Radio #030 "Spatial Plants" [Psychedelic Trance Radio]

Blackliters Radio #030 is up now on our channels.

New powerful psychedelic set by Russian duo Spatial Plants including new Spatial Plants tracks and fresh blasters by psytrance masters like Endeavour, UkaUka, Mergel, Tron, OxyFlux, Stereoxide, Gigi, Neuromotor, Ajja, Euphorya, Critical Selection and Kabayun.

Spatial Plants are pleased to welcome you into another dimension!

Stereoxide & Gigi - Code Four Copy

19 November 2021
Stereoxide & Gigi - Code Four - Cover

Blacklite Records present the fourth episode of the series "Code": Stereoxide & Gigi - Code Four is OUT NOW

Let's enter the Code's new series with the fourth psychedelic perception. Code Four is inspired by the concept Qon-Sequences, where for every action comes a reaction. Code Four is a multilayered voyage of two creative minds, Stereoxide and Gigi gathering together to make a solid psychedelic tune based on their feelings. Two amazing acts from Mexico and Israel that created a strong dancefloor's tune, rigorously tested and tweaked with obsessed party animals.

Check this massive tune! Code Series, To be continued...

Psychedelic Vocal Leads Vol 01

16 November 2021

New Presets Pack Psychedelic Vocal Leads Vol 01 is OUT NOW.

Here we are with our brand-new presets pack Psytrance vocal Vol°01 for Vital Audio. Play voices directly from your Vital Synth. Each Vocal Preset is 100% Royalty Free to use in your tracks, with everything you need from psychedelic voices and speech to skank-heavy psytrance arpeggiator blaster, generated by the vocal speech!.

Play voices with a synthesizer, Download this pack at affordable price for all