Blackliters Radio #016 Copy

27 October 2020
Blackliters Radio #017 "CLOV" [Psychedelic Trance Radio]

Blacklite Radio #017 is now UP on our channels.

Check this full on mix of Sara Clov aka DJ CLOV, a happy and groovy journey into the sound. We hope that your level of happiness will rise to ecstatic when you listen!

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M-Theory - Temple Of Repetition V.2

22 October 2020
M-Theory - Temple of Repetition V.2

Blacklite Records and M-Theory present the second EP on Temple of Repetition series.

M-Theory presents the second EP on his Temple of Repetition series, paying homage this time to contemporary full-on psytrance. Track 1 – ‘What’s this all about?’ – hints at the modern ritual of the rave and was crafted with UK/IT posse, JourneyOM & Nukleall. This gem rolls into the dance-floor like a bullet train, making the walls of the mind come tumbling down into an unstoppable trance of cutting-edge frequencies and powerful rhythms. M-Theory’s deep bass continues to rumble through track 2, accompanied by his warm signature sounds over layers of fresh psychedelia. Brainwaves are changed to induce a state of intense euphoria. The result is ‘Freaking Awesome’.

This is a vortex of hypnotic repetitions, get into it and blast

10 years anniversary Vol°2

15 October 2020
10 years anniversary Vol 2

Blacklite Records 10 Years Anniversary Vol° 2 is the second biggest collection we have released so far.

Even in the hard times the Blackliters Crew has decided not to stop their magic and delirious creations. It’s our main goal to celebrate all artists and partners that have collaborated with us during the past ten years. Blacklite Records Ten Years Vol° 2 is the second biggest collection we have released so far. Twenty powerful tracks have been hand-picked to create a perfect blend of the Blacklite Records psychedelic trance history. Filled with hot and spicy releases from Blacklite Records Crew, we are very proud of this charismatic collection featuring: Mental Broadcast, Helber Gun, Spectra Sonics, Endeavour, Virtual Light, Nukleall, Stereoxide, M-Theory, Earthspace, Neuromotor, Section8, Swell, K.I.M, Tron, Offllabel, Sun69, Haffman, Flegma, Zyce and More…. We hope you will enjoy our diversity of sound, versatile relation with psychedelic trance music and all the facets of what we have laid out in our journey of absolute pleasure and desire of liberation. Thank you Blackliters for feeding the flow and growing the community each day.

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08 October 2020
Spatial Plants -  Hypnotherapy

Blacklite Records Presents Hypnotherapy, the first official Ep of Spatial Plants

Hypnotherapy is the debut release of our newest member of the ever-growing Blacklite Records familia, Spatial Plants. An exclusive 3 tracks EP from this rising duo featuring Vagatoria, Alien Invasion and titled Hypnotherapy. This release leads the way to have the essence of maximum energy, hypnotic basslines and a deep psychedelic atmosphere on and off the dancefloor.Watch out for this one as the plants are guaranteed to space you out and about.

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Blackliters Radio #016

30 September 2020
Blackliters Radio #016 "MENTAL BROADCAST" [Psychedelic Trance Radio]

Blacklite Radio #016 is up now on our channels.

MENTAL BROADCAST our Brazilian Dj and Psy-Trance producer reveals with talent a sound of unique personality, focused on the search for the unexpected, bringing a new design for his tracks. He presents his album he has never played for a real crowd yet.

It was 'All For You'! Enjoy Mental Broadcast Blackliters Mix!