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Neo Shaman - Black Holes

09 March 2023
Neo Shaman - Black Holes

Blacklite Records welcomes NEO SHAMAN - BLACK HOLES!

Black Holes are the most complex and mysterious objects in the universe. When we speak about them, sometimes facts are stranger even than fiction and anything we can dream. This sense of mystery is what inspired our artist Neo Shaman to write this two-track EP as the first official release on Blacklite Records. From start to finish Black Holes will impress you as it takes people on a journey through the complex Neo Shaman's mind. On the dance floor, in the living room and on your phone this smashing EP will have you up and dancing all night long while bringing you to space. .

SpaceShip is ready to leave, are you ready to go? .

Blackliters Radio #045 G-RM

28 February 2023
Blackliters Radio #045 "G-RM" [Psychedelic Trance Radio]

 Blackliters Episode #045 is now online

Keep Your Brain Young with our Artists’ Music and broadcast the new episode from Blacklite Records Youtube, Soundcloud or Mixcloud Channel.
For this month the Blackliters Radio welcomes G-RM, showcasing his latest selection of tracks for our second mix of the year! 

Play it loud and leave us your comment!

Nukleall & Spatial Plants - Magic Circus

16 February 2023
Nukleall & Spatial Plants - Magic Circus

Blacklite Records welcomes Nukleall & Spatial Plants - Magic Circus!

The Magic Circus is a fantasy track, written by the combination of italian joker Nukleall and the alien jugglers duo Spatial Plants. The track has a nonlinear and bizarre story written to give a series of directions and perspectives that people can take on the dancefloor and use for their own introspective journeys. This time our Artists are taking you to the "Circus" with groovy psychedelic trance Rhythms and a joy of frisky melodies contaminated by heavy Fm leads and dissolved into noisily extreme textures.

Magic Circus' is definitely a must have record, whether you are a DJ, a listener or a dancefloor animal. Have Fun!.

Woobler & Cosmic Illusion - Space Jumping Morons

09 February 2023
Woobler & Cosmic Illusion - Space Jumping Morons

Blacklite Records welcomes Woobler & Cosmic Illusion - Space Jumping Morons.

Space jumping Morons is a science fiction track directed by the union of 2 great psytrance projects as Woobler from Swiss and Cosmic Illusion from India. Everything started when the artists intentionally traveled in a fantasy space, disconnecting their brain and leaving planet earth with the aim of bringing back to the globe a seductively original and vibrant track. This creation has a high level of energy that blends with psychedelic alien sounds. On board the SpaceShip, a funny group of “Space Jumping Morons'' was driving the energy of the track even further. Mysterious but Brilliant, Radiant but Freaky, this blasting track is a perfect access for a world of madness.

Here and Now, Woobler & Cosmic Illusion - Space jumping Morons.

Alter Vu - Atoms

03 February 2023
Alter Vu - Atoms

Blacklite Records is still very happy to welcome Alter Vu to our label family.

Young and talented, Hector and Carlos's music will influence your taste and sound in many ways. Atoms is a collection of 4 tracks, 3 solo-track and 1 in collaboration with Mental Bugs. It’s easy to recognize their trademark which is set in a modern and doped psychedelic trance injected with FM Leads mixed with Twisted psychedelic Sounds.

This is a truly futuristic EP which will impress the psytrance tribe of dancers and lovers.