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50% OFF

17 June 2022
50% OFF on Blacklite Records Bandcamp


In June we are back with a 50% discount code that you can use for any of our releases. discount code: PSYCHEDELIA valid until 30/06/2022;

Pick your favorite and enjoy the Blacklite vibe!

Endeavour - Killer Bytes (Nukleall Remix)

06 June 2022
Endeavour - Killer Bytes (Nukleall Remix)

Blacklite Records proudly presents a BRAND-NEW Remix of ENDEAVOUR - Killer BYtes  made by Nukleall!

Blacklite Records presents 2 masters of the psytrance production united. This time Nukleall made an incredible remix of Killer Bytes, a classic track by Mexican artist Endeavour. As many people say “Classic tracks never get old, they simply evolve”. Nukleall transformed the original version made in 2017 into a new solid and modern message. ;

This dope remix is ready to hit the dance floors, listen to it loud.

Blackliters Radio #036 Adrenaline Rush

30 May 2022
Blackliters Radio #036 "ADRENALINE RUSH" [Psychedelic Trance Radio]

Blackliters Radio #036 is up now on our channels.

Adrenaline Rush delivers an energetic one-hour mix full of his latest releases and some other fresh tracks from Blacklite Records.

Enjoy 1 Hour of your free time with Adrenaline Rush's psychedelic trance set

Gigi - Naughty Shanti

27 May 2022
Gigi - Naughty Shanti - Cover

Blacklite Records proudly presents Gigi and his new EP Naughty Shanti!

Gigi's new EP features four special international collaborations. A cross-genre experience between groovy twilight trance spiced with funky elements alongside aggressive deep forest atmosphere with organic sounds. ‎‏Welcome to the Naughty Shanty zone.

Get ready for a colorful and rich experience

Ingrained Instincts - Quantum Entanglement (Purple Shapes Remix)

19 May 2022

Blacklite Records proudly presents a Great Remix of INGRAINED INSTINCTS - QUantum ENTANGLEMENT  made by PURPLE SHAPES!

Blacklite Records brings you the glorious Ingrained Instincts track, Quantum Entanglement originally released on Spacetime Boulevard Stop 2, and is now remixed by the massive Greek project Purple Shapes. This energetic and cutting-edge remix is tested on many dance floors around the world. 

Enjoy your groovy space travel