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Nukleall - Drag 'n' Drop Vol°01

01 July 2021
Nukleall - Drag

MMind-Bender Sounds is here with - Nukleall - Drag ’n’ Drop Vol 01, the 2nd release of our Sample Pack Series.

We called on both his knowledge and experience as being an artist, producer and label manager for more than a decade. Revealing his first Sample Library to grant you some of his tools for shaping your own style and to truly elevate your sound. The Library consists of two main folders. One Shots Sounds can easily be installed on any Sampler, Digital Audio Workstation or simply used as a wavetable on your favorite synthesizer. While Combo Loops are made for your Long Producing Nights, encouraging you to keep your inspiration strong while you are making music.

Are you ready to Drag 'n' Drop? Get yours

Blackliters Radio #025 Bao

29 June 2021
Blackliters Radio #025 "Bao" [Psychedelic Trance Radio]

Blackliters Radio #025 is up now on our channels.

B.A.O dedicates this mix to the Blacklite Records family, especially to his dear friend, Nukleall being his main mentor in music production. Mixing the best tracks they produced together - seasoned with some other bombs by Blacklite artists. It has been a great effort for everyone to grow Blacklite over the years and we have been through a lot together. Slowly returning to the dancefloors around the world to show you what we’ve become.

Get ready to jump and dance.

Nukleall, Haffman - Code One

16 June 2021
Nukleall & Haffman - Code One - Cover

Blacklite Records invites the listeners to discover OUR new psychedelic creation: Code.

We are now entering the Code’s new series with the first psychedelic perception by Nukleall and Haffman. Voices and Leads will touch your brain as well as the Drums and the bass will touch your heart driving you into a massive deep-trance experience. Blending together two distinctive sounds, this single is a manifestation of the beam of light of our freedom, picturing the first attempt to the dancefloor atmosphere that we were waiting for so long. Do you have your Code? .

Do you have your Code?

Nukleall Dress Code

01 June 2021
Nukleall Merchandising 2021

New Merchandising is online on our Store

Get the new Nukleall Merchandising now. Full customizable logo and an infinite list of products avalailabel at your choice.

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10 years Anniversary Vol°4

28 May 2021
Blacklite Records 10 Years Anniversary VOL 4 - Cover

Blacklite Records 10 Years Anniversary Vol 4 is OUT NOW.

We’ve got to the 4th edition of the Blacklite Records 10 Years Anniversary - where we continue our travel back in our history to show you what we have done in our full-on groovy experience. The outcome is a super dense 20 tracks album, full of hypnotic sounds and leads. In this chapter we have selected for you some mind-blowing Artists, such as Hypnoise, Earthspace, Earthling, Tron, Gabriel Le Mar along with our Blackliters. You will find some of the most played and successful tracks released by Blacklite Records. Please enjoy our vibe!

Please enjoy our vibe!