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Since the beginning of its activity in 2010, Blacklite Records has developed a cutting-edge morning psychedelic sound, that flows switching from pure Psytrance to energetic full on and bouncy deep progressive. During the years of activity the enthusiasm and passion of his founders has involved many international artists, who have contributed to its exponential international growth. Today Blacklite Records is a world recognized label, as well as a respected and reliable reference point in the psytrance scene. By keeping its focus on sound innovation and on high quality productions, it has always been operating at local and global level, manifesting itself through its music releases and its blasting parties. Blacklite Records has currently become also a reliable and stable network of international artists coming from eight different countries. They are always on the move and you can find their names on the most important festivals and trancefloors line-ups around the globe. Their sounds hit the scene with a distinctive contemporary dancefloor-oriented psychedelic sound.

Tune up on our frequencies! Ride the Blacklite wave and connect with us!

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SEP 16 - 2016

BLACKLIGHTNING 1.0 - Blackliterecords Label Party - 08/10/2016

Blacklightning 1.0 - Blacklite Recs Label Party

Blacklite Records is back to town. After some time out of the party scene, we are now proud to announce a great Event that will hit your senses and delight your soul. As a lightning announces the storm, Blacklightning will overwhelm you in a blaze of psychedelic energy.
For this occasion, many artists will gather in Turin, on October 8th 2016, and they will perform for you on stage: our blackliters Ninesense, Paratech, Nukleall, Bao, Sheenygami and Miss Tekix plus three guests that have always supported our project: Kim, Microdot and their shared project Filtherheads.
For more info please check our official event on Facebook.
Be there!