Pyrotechnia - Hasmodai EP

02 August 2017

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly announce hasmodai ep - pyrotechnia

Striking right to the core of the Blacklite Records sound, Hasmodai scores a direct hit, a proverbial bullseye with his Pyrotechnia EP. Highly danceable, energetic Full On, dripping with psychedelia. This is Blacklite Records distilled. Pyrotechnia comes fully loaded with 3 distinct tracks. Hasmodai’s solo offering Chrysanthemum offers a relentless yet fun bassline paired with meticulous psychedelic soundscapes. In Bengala he teams with fellow Blackliter Endeavour to bring us a heavy hitting monster. Crossette alongside Mexican super duo In Lak Ech adds a touch of melody without taking its foot off the gas peddle. A perfect release to drive your dance floor into a nighttime frenzy or bring them back around again towards the light of day.

Spacetime Boulevard - Stop 2

29 March 2017

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly announce a new journey to Space.
Spacetime Boulevard - Stop 2 will be OUT on April 27 2017

Coming at you soon like a starship screeching out of the cosmos, Blacklite Records presents the follow up to one of its most renowned compilations, Spacetime Boulevard. In this exciting sequel, the Blacklite navigators and helmsmen have compiled a diverse range of sounds for SpaceTime Boulevard Stop 2. On it we find a wonderful cross section of offerings from the likes of Audioform, Ingrained Instincts, Haffman vs Josh, Ninesense vs Inlakech, Nukleall vs Endeavour, Hasmodai vs Duendo, Sheenygami, and Nemo. Stop 2 will also showcase the first release of our newest star troopers Swell and Sun69 on Blacklite Records. Filled with pumping energy and ethereal psychedelia Spacetime Boulevard Stop 2 in guaranteed to blast you into another quadrant.

New Artists Announcement

03 February 2017
artist image

Blacklite Records is very excited to keep the good news coming in 2017

Our family is growing and as the new year builds momentum we would like to take this time to welcome not one but two new members to the Blacklite Records roster and gladly call them Blackliters.

First off is DJ Paradigm. Paradigm is from Los Angeles, California where he is one of the most known and respected DJ's and promoters in the United States Psy Trance scene. He has been around as a main character and motivator for nearly 20 years. Recognized as an outstanding DJ and very detailed party organizer , Paradigm makes an excellent addition to the family.

Secondly, we would like extend a warm welcome and hug to an old friend. Doro should need little introduction as he has been a known and welcome face in our home Italian scene for some time. As part of our extended family it seemed only right that we fully opened our arms and brought Doro in. His high energy sets and friendly vibe make him a perfect fit here at Blacklite and we could not be more happy to have him.

Please say hello to our two new Blackliters. We expect exciting things from these ones and so should you too.

Follow the Sun - Nemo EP

23 January 2017
cover release

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents the new Nemo EP "Follow the Sun" OUT FEB 22 2017

Dear Blackliter, It is with great pleasure we present to you Blacklite Records first release of 2017. We kick off the year in style with the first EP and release by Nemo on Blacklite. Follow The Sun is a journey into atmospheric progressive. Let yourself be carried away by it's smooth basslines, captivating melodies , crunchy grooves and daytime sun soaked vibes. What a way to brighten your winter ! Nemo is a new artist that has recently joined us here at Blacklite and offers us his nicely balanced and classy take on progressive. Nemo offers us a great promise of something genuine and special here. We don't regret our choice and you won't regret it either…;) Listen, share and soak up some nice sunny daytime vibes.

Nukedelica - Nukleall EP

23 November 2016
cover release

BLACKLITE RECORDS presents the second full Album by Nukleall - OUT DEC 14

Hello Blackliters ! It's a pleasure to enrich our Discography with the second full Album by Nukleall - the founder and manager of this Label. After 4 years since his debut album, Nukleall is now ready to bring to the world another concept release about his life and the evolution of his artistic career along time. "Nukedelica" speaks about Nukleall's experience with the psytrance world, made of people who deeply influenced his path. 9 powerful and sophisticated tracks that explore different states of mind and consciousness, contrasted feelings and emotions - real and colorful as life itself. "Nukedelica" will be released on 14 December in all major digital stores and in printed copy. Save the date and don't miss this psychedelic masterpiece.