New Artist BLK: Bruce

12 June 2019

Blacklite Records is super excited to announce Dj Bruce as a new Blackliters and we are glad to have him as a label Dj in the family.

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome on board Dj Bruce!!! He was born and bred in Cape Town. Starting with experimenting with ambient and trance he became one of the most consistently active DJ's in South Africa for the last 23 years. He has gained the utmost respect from dance floors and organizers with his humble approach to music and life. As a DJ he feels responsible for finding quality music and play it to an appreciative audience no matter if it’s live psy act, free form live project or progressive psy. Whether playing, daytime or night-time psychedelic, or progressive and even ambient, his sets are known for their quality, no matter what style. His sets are always energetic and represent the full spectrum of psychedelic flavour. Although many hours are spent finding music for his sets, he never pre plans a journey, but prefers to play spontaneously, feeling the crowd, and trying to capture that one moment that cannot be repeated or planned. He also produces psytrance/prog and downtempo as Solar Axis , Alien Natives, Synchronist and Spliff Politix

Warmly welcome in our big family DJ Bruce!

Nukleall, Sun69 - Fat Bonus

11 June 2019
Nukleall & Sun69 - Fat Bonus Cover 3000X3000

Blacklite Records proudly presents “Fat Bonus”, the new collaboration between Nukleall and Sun69

Blacklite Records is proud to announce Nukleall & Sun69 second collaboration release on our label! This producers duo are ready to show the world their way about psychedelic trance. Nukleall & Sun69 are now experienced psychedelic trance producers and they teamed up to create Fat Bonus, a glorious tribute to the label and banging piece of psychedelia. We are proud to announce this successfully combination once again and be ready for more!

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Helber gun & Haffman - It's the music

22 May 2019
Helber Gun & Haffman - Its the music Cover 1500X1500

Blacklite Records proudly presents “It’s the music” a monster collaboration among Helber gun and Haffman

Talented amigos Helber Gun and Haffmann got together to produce this finest single: “It’s the music”, a track that makes you feel high and free and has the power to unite the dancefloor. This smart collaboration celebrates the producers’ love for psy music with sophisticated acid lines and layers of entangled psychedelia. It puts a rocking vibe at the centre and will have you stomping your feet all over the place.

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Formantz - Saikou

09 April 2019
Cover_3000 X 3000


And here we are with the first official release and brand new EP by Formantz: Saikou. This release is the culmination of many years of combined experiences, between an highly anticipated collaboration from two of our most celebrated psy-trance artists Endeavour and Nukleall. The Saikou EP' has a twisted psychedelic underground flavour, tinged with insane electric leads, fat massive basslines and mad driving percussion.

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New Artist BLK: Formantz

05 April 2019


We proudly announce the collaboration of our two impressive psy-trance artists Endeavour and Nukleall in the name of Formantz. The idea to combine together in one explosive project came out after collaborating in some tracks that rocked the dancefloor during those past years. Working on their first show in September the two artists want to invite you to loose yourself in this very unique experience combining Nukleall’s robotic touch with Endeavour’s acidic glow but keeping the vibe funky. Prepare yourself to an extraordinary performance and get lost into it!

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