Wanderlust compiled by Pollyfonika

17 October 2019
WANDERLUST Compiled by Pollyfonika

Blacklite Records is proud to announce their latest explorations into the psychedelic abyss, piloted through time and space by Blacklite's own lady of the beat Pollyfonika

Blacklite Records is proud to announce their latest explorations into the psychedelic abyss, piloted through time and space by Blacklite's own lady of the beat Pollyfonika and navigated by some of the world's most experienced psychonauts including Architekt, Neuromotor, Virtual Light, Spectra Sonics, Prohect, Tron, Nukleall, Somos, Delerium Tremens, Algorika, Pollyfonika and many more!

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New Artist BLK: Mental Broadcast

08 October 2019
Mental Broadcast

Blacklite Records is proud to announce a new Blackliters in the Family: Welcome Mental Broadcast!

Dj Roma aka Mental Broadcast has his psychedelic life started 2002 in London at some "acid techno" squat parties. Very quickly he became well known for his powerful sets and proper mixing skills and started his career in music production. His project now known worldwide as Mental Broadcast, one of the top names in Brazilian trance. Focused on the search for the unexpected, he brings a new design for his tracks. Released several tracks for various record labels in South America and Europe, played in massive festivals around the globe, like Boom, Universo Paralelo, Rainbow Serpent and Ozora. By September 2019 he had released three albums already.

Warmly welcome in our growing family Mental Broadcast!

Blackliters Radio #004

23 September 2019
Blackliters Radio Channel: Haffman

Blacklite Records presents the fourth Episode of Blackliters Radio Channel.

This time you will be hearing full on tunes from one of the most appreciated psychedelic trance writers Carlos Alarcon aka Haffman. Our Artist has been surprising and exhilarating audiences around the world for the past years, we hope you will also enjoy this unique and venturesome show.

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Stereoxide - Tryptamine tales

19 September 2019
Stereoxide - Tryptamine Tales

Blacklite Records proudly presents the debut album from the dynamic Mexican/Swiss Duo Stereoxide! Aptly titled: 'Tryptamine Tales'- OUT NOW

After spending the last few years honing their skills, playing festivals around the globe and releasing track after track on compilations and Eps, it is time for their breakthrough debut album ‘Tryptamine Tales’. Each track is an audio journey through the various states of the altered mind, a meticulously crafted soundtrack through the psychedelic landscape. This album is the perfect combination of clinical precision and heartfelt ambition, a full serving of psychedelia spiced with collaborations with stellar artists such as Animalien, Art Materials, Endeavour, Mental Broadcast and Mirok.. Turn the lights low and gather close together, it is time for the Typtamine Tales to play on forever..

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Haffman - Sonic Therapy

29 August 2019
Haffman - Sonic Therapy

Blacklite Records and Haffman presents "Sonic Therapy", featuring collaboration with Nukleall and Sheenygami

Combining psychedelic and visionary techniques, “Sonic Therapy” is the result of years of research in telepathic sounds and intense mental interactions between music and producers. Sound specialist Haffman selected the finest vibrational frequencies and neuro-emotional stimulation to trigger a particular sonic healing in humans and create a fully immersive experience into sensory sound. This EP is a combination of two solo tracks, “Je Suis Jaguar” and “Asymmetric Encryption”. The third piece “Shaka” is an experimental collaboration with sonic therapists Nukleall and Sheenygami from the blackliters family. Haffman’s sonic method ensures maximum therapeutic effects. Test it loud!

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