New Artist BLK: Misaki

10 December 2019
Misaki - Blacklite Records

Blacklite Records is proud to announce a new talent djane from Japam. A warmly welcome to Misaki

From today we have a young talent at the label, MISAKI from Japan. Launched her first party called NakeD in her local area of Japan in 2013 and started to act as psytrance DJ and party organizer, mainly focuses on full-on psychedelic trance. Since 2015 she throws an open air party in Japan every year, called Candyflip. MISAKI and her future projects are constantly being developed transmitting good vibes and honest energy to the audience.

Please welcome DJ MISAKI and stay tuned for upcoming news

Endeavour - Visions

28 November 2019
Endeavour - Visions Cover Design

Blacklite Records presents Visions the second official album by our talented psytrance artist: Endeavour

Visions is a supernatural collaborations and a deep holographic experience into the trance state of mind. Visions is made in combination with top notch psychedelia masters from all around the globe in the name of: Kabayun from United States., Nukleall from Italy, Headworks from United Kingdom, Justin Chaos & Gizmo from Argentina, Diksha from Brazil, Radikal Moodz from France, Kala from Slovenia, and Section8 (Paul Taylor) from Australia. The album is a serious but groovy journey and each track has its own identity. Inspired by Ultraviolet, Mystic and Ethereal sounds, Endeavour offers us a chemically psychedelic, spicy and sublime Album release that Blacklite Records is proud to deliver to you.

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Blackliters Radio #006

26 November 2019
Blacklite Records - Purio

Next up in the Blacklite Radio series, we present DJ Purio from Italy!

A native of the Northern Valley, Purio has been blasting floors worldwide since 2009 at festivals such as Ownspirit, Wao, Odysee, 7Chakras, Atlas, Moon Mountain and many others! He is also co-founder of the Merkaba Crew, organisers of the ever popular Taurus Connection. This mix showcases Purio's versatile and full spectrum sound, featuring artists such as Endeavour, Filterheads, Formantz, Virutal Light, Stereoxide and more! enjoy!

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New Artist BLK: Frostbite

24 October 2019
Frostbite - Blacklite Records

Blacklite Records is proud to announce a portoguese duo as a new member of the Blackliters Crew. A warmly welcome to Frostbite

These two guys, Miguel Letria and Ricardo Estanislau represent a fun, diverse and refreshing interpretation of Psy-Trance with their sets. Versatile and dynamic, their music range from the lighter side of the psy- spectrum to the more intense night time psychedelic tunes. They conquered the dancefloors around Portugal and huge festivals around the world, after two successful compilations previously released Frostbite is now venturing into the world of production with their debut EP resulting in a #1 position on Beatport’s Psy-Trance charts.

Please welcome our new artists and stay tuned for upcoming Frostbite releases.

Blackliters Radio #005

22 October 2019
Blackliters Radio Station: G-RM

Blacklite returns with another psychedelicious banger in the Blacklite Radio series!

This edition we present a dj mix from G-RM (France) , a super dynamic 148 blaster featuring the masters on the edge of the musical frontier! Jeremie Mahaut a.k.a. G-RM discovered electronic music during the free parties of the nineties. He first laid hands to vinyl in 1996 and after several years of exploring different musical genres and styles, found his main calling in Psytrance. In 2013 he joined Blacklite Records which has since allowed for many opportunities for his growth and career.. click on the link below to read more about his journey and to keep in the loop with future gigs, etc!

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