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In the vibrant psychedelic trance scene, Armienz emerges as a luminary and a sonic architect hailing from the colorful landscapes of Mexico, where the rich mix of cultural influences weaves seamlessly with the smashing sounds of psychedelic trance. Armienz has become a prominent figure not only as a solo artist but also as one half of the dynamic duo, known as Alter Vu. Within the underground flow of the psytrance scene, Armienz is celebrated for his distinctive style, a fusion of Groovy Underground Psytrance blended with captivating Forest elements and an electrifying surge of energy. Armienz's vibe is nothing short of a block-rocking love affair with the psychedelic trance complexity. At the core of the Armienz's experience is an unwavering passion for the psychedelic experience. His music is a warm trip into the world of psytrance, where musical ideas and dancefloor experiences converge. Armienz promises to continue sculpting the psychedelic landscape, leaving an everlasting imprint on the hearts and minds of those who dare to venture into his sonic reality.

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