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Frostbite began its journey in 2012, as a DJ set project with one goal: present a fun, solid and refreshing interpretation of Psy-Trance. Over the years the project has released two successful compilations, played the biggest events and festivals in the Portugal scene as well as internationally. In recent years Frostbite has been releasing its own original work with releases on Blacklite Records, 24/7 Records, Bom Shanka Music and Vagalume Records. Past events include Boom Festival, Ozora Festival, Mundo de Oz, Freedom Festival to name a few, with their psychedelic passport having stamps from dancefloors from Brazil, India, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary and Israel. Mixing high octane psychedelia with blasting bassline grooves and a dash of humour, expect a pumping, groovy and always fun set from Frostbite.

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