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Jeremie Mahaut a.k.a. G-RM discovered electronic music during the free parties of the nineties. He first laid hands to vinyl in 1996 and after several years of exploring different musical genres and styles, found his main calling in Psytrance. In 2013 he joined Blacklite Records which has since allowed for many opportunities for his growth and career. Travelling the world, he has, shared the decks with some of most influential artists for his genre such as Polaris, Earthling, Dimitri Nakov, Nukleall, Earthspace and Audioform just to name a few. Last year he was blessed to play the legendary Universo Parallelo Festival in Brazil fulfilling a long time dream. After many long years of learning and maturing in the studio Jeremie is ready to present his first works in 2017 including collaborations with Virtual Light and Nevermind.These will meet the world through his new compilation titled “ Good Vibes Connection” Calling Paris home G-RM can be found regularly playing Psytrance parties in his home city and country. With wide range of influences along with a dynamic and balanced mixing technique Jeremie has secured himself as one of the top promoters and Psytrance Dj’s in his home country

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