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Nukleall, the guiding force behind Blacklite Records, is an established artist but also a luminary in the international Psytrance scene. As a label manager, his quality is exemplary, making him a formidable presence in the music discography. Without any doubts, his role as the director of Blacklite Records truly sets him apart. His vision and leadership have steered the group to oscillate at the pinnacle of the best psytrance labels, nurturing new talents, while still shaping the direction of the music style. Through countless parties and festivals, Nukleall has earned a reputation for his ability to transform tiny events into monumental experiences. Nukleall's musical creations are tailored for the dancefloor. His sound is a vibrant fusion of morning Psytrance, marked by a robust, groovy pulse and blended by psychedelic atmospheres! Nukleall's journey is one of globetrotting adventures. He has traversed the world, leaving his mark on dancefloors far and wide while meeting lots of new people and friends. With dedication to the music he loves, Nukleall is waiting to spread his sound and art worldwide, inviting all to join him!

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