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OffLabel is a Psytrance project by Tony Vallini, born and grown up in Italy. He started as Techno DJ when he was 16, and from 1995 he rise as a producer taking always care of keeping his own style. After the Techno Experience he moved into the psytrance world already as an expert artist and party organizer. His music is characterized by an underground and an evocative cut, with melodies, chants and tribal contamination. He played in many Italian clubs and shared the consolle with loads of important psytrance djs and producers. In 2018 he joined the well known Blacklite Records family, after a radical change of his style. More psychedelic sounds, deeper basslines, acid synths and of course a strong BPMs increase, in agreement with the new trend of the label. On stage OffLabel provides a Live Set together with many atmos fx and sounds that he is creating on the spot: a very involving show with a powerful music vibration.

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