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OffLabel is a psytrance solo project hailing from the vibrant soil of Italy. Among the Techno experience, OffLabel seamlessly transitioned into the world of psytrance, bringing with him a wealth of expertise as an artist and party organizer. OffLabel has graced the decks of numerous Italian clubs and festivals, sharing the console with a roster of illustrious psytrance DJs and producers. While he was joining Blacklite Records, an undergoing radical transformation of style embraced a more intense direction with psychedelic textures, deeper basslines, acid synths and an exhilarating surge in BPMs, aligning perfectly with the label's new direction. On stage, OffLabel is a conductor of energy. His movements are a symbiotic dance with the crowd, a fusion of artist and audience creating an immersive, communal experience. OffLabel invites all to join him on an exhilarating odyssey through the ever-expanding universe of psytrance.

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