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WaveTables Vol°01

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WaveTables Vol°01


Step into the FM and Growling world of Mind-Bender Sounds Wavetables Vol° 01, an exciting collection of brand-new VCO power for Psytrance in all his shapes. All waveforms are unique and the tonal qualities morph between 2 or more different frequency spectrums. This Wavetables bundle is giving you different sound manipulation capabilities. Designed exclusively by Mind-Bender Sounds, each wavetable meets the correct and meticulous standards of the modern psytrance production. All Wavetables have been perfected in the studio and tested on the dancefloor.

Content Information

50 FM Wavetables

All Wavetables are 100% Royalties Free and can be used in any version of your favorite DAW: Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro, Steinberg Cubase, Fruity Loops, Reason Studio or any VST Synthesizer such as Serum, Vital, Hive, Ana, Pigments or any sampler such as Kontakt, Battery, Exs, Halion and more.

Wavetables are in wav format and recorded with a frame-size of 2048 Samples.

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