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Modulations Vol 03

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Modulations Vol 03


The brilliant Nukleall is back with another remarkable release. A follow-up of the Series Modulations. This collection features 128 impressively and dynamically designed sounds by one of the established artists in the Psytrance scene. Every sound in this set has been used in tracks released on Blacklite Records by Nukleall in recent times. Set the mood quickly with deep atmospheres and Fx, create toxic Leads with many options all serious and completed with Modulations automated by the Modulation-Knob of your Virus TI.This is the 3rd release published by Mind-Bender Sounds for the Glorious Virus TI made by Access. Get yours at

Content Information

Format: Access Virus TI/SNOW

128 Access Virus Psytrance Patches

This pack requires Access Virus TI 1 or 2 or Snow, and can’t be installed in other synthesizers.

This pack is not Compatible With Virus Powercore or any other Virus TI software emulation

100% Royalty Free

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