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WaveTables Vol°02

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WaveTables Vol°02


It is not a secret, our WaveTables are strictly designed to make Psychedelic Trance Music. You are all invited to test our creators' world and deep dive into Mind-Bender Sounds Wavetables Vol° 02, an electrifying collection of brand-new digital VCO tables, ready to build Psytrance in all his patterns. This pack has lots of potential for tonal morphing between different frequency spectrums. You can now design easily from punchy basslines to FM and Vocal Leads. All wavetables have been designed at Mind-Bender Sounds Lab, developed in our studios but already tested on really serious dancefloors. Check the acid demo track and grab your copy of Mind-Bender Sounds Wavetables Vol° 02 today!

Content Information

50 FM Wavetables

All Wavetables are 100% Royalties Free and can be used in any version of your favorite DAW: Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro, Steinberg Cubase, Fruity Loops, Reason Studio or any VST Synthesizer such as Serum, Vital, Hive, Ana, Pigments or any sampler such as Kontakt, Battery, Exs, Halion and more.

Wavetables are in wav format and recorded with a frame-size of 2048 Samples.

100% Royalty Free

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