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Spatial Plants

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Spatial Plants, a psytrance electronic musician, emerged from a very musical landscape as a dynamic force in the psytrance scene. His journey embarked on the path of classic morning full-on sound, a sonic signature that still resonates across borders. From the beginning, his magnetic vitality pushed him out from his homeland, propelling him into the limelight at major national and international festivals, with a performance leaving indelible marks on dancefloors. As his skills and production acumen evolved, Spatial Plants ventured into a deeper psychedelic sphere, drawing inspiration from the sacred soundscapes of Goa and the UK twilight psychedelic direction. Now part of the Blacklite Records crew, as an icon in the psytrance world, Spatial Plants has been a beacon of energy and innovation on dancefloors worldwide. Stay tuned for the upcoming Spatial Plants releases, as he is pushing his boundaries of sound, inviting all to partake in this cosmic journey through the world of psychedelic.

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